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Home Again Program
Optimized Process
Who We Are

COHYA has partnered with SC Health Connections Medicaid to provide Home Again Services to individuals who have been in an institution for 90 days (at minimum, the last day must be under Medicaid sponsorship) and wish to return to the community. 


The major goal of the Home Again program is to optimize the participant’s life choices and rights, to minimize threats to the participant’s safety and health, and to provide a mechanism for managing access to home and community-based alternatives to institutional care.  The project allows for a range of options for persons who want to direct their own home and community-based long term care services through the assistance of a transition coordinator.  The Home Again program will enable SCDHHS to rebalance the state’s long term care system and expand the capacity for home and community-based services.

Flexible Utilization
Optimized Process
Populations We Serve

The program is available statewide to the following Medicaid recipients:

  • Adults who are aged and/or disabled residing in skilled nursing facilities;

  • Adults with intellectual disabilities residing in Intermediate Care Facilities for Intellectual Disabilities; and,

  • Children with severe emotional disturbances residing in Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities.